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Salvato Group is a leading healthcare sales, distribution, and technology organization with a focus on empowering physicians and their patients with innovative diagnostics and personalized precision medicine. 

Healthcare Product and Service Owners

Don’t let the rapid evolution of healthcare be intimidating or overwhelming. 
Our team of dedicated professionals navigate through these changes and provide proven products, services, and solutions to our network of physicians. 

We manage an independent, nationwide sales force of medical professionals across various fields. Implementing new healthcare products and services into our trusted physician network can quickly and greatly impact your business's revenue. 

We are business development experts with 20+ years in growing and creating top-line revenues with our partners.

Medical Sales Professionals

Salvato Group is currently accepting applications for new distributor relationships and independent sales consultants that are interested in representing our current line of medical products and services.
Our unique offerings are focused on various areas of medicine including:
  • pharmacy/wholesale,
  • diagnostics/toxicology,
  • DME/bracing, & emerging healthcare technologies. 
With expertise in defining and implementing impactful sales and marketing strategies, our primary goal is to work synergistically with our partners to build successful and thriving business models in the healthcare industry.